Prospecting in claims

Are you curious to hear more about the stories and experiences of the real gold prospectors? Feeling adventurous? Or would you just like to have a nice and exciting day outdoors with your friends and family or colleagues?

On our claims, just around the corner from Tankavaara Gold Village, we offer you a chance to experience it all. The location of the claim is considered very family-friendly, as it is not far away from the services of the hotel and restaurant. Being new to prospecting is not a problem at all, as we can provide you all the equipment and guidance to start with. And if you get carried away with the gold fever, it is possible to stay with us for longer than just one day: How about a week, month or maybe the whole summer? In Tankavaara you will also meet plenty of local miners whose golden tips can even help you to find a claim of your very own. Eventhough it unfortunately cannot be said that you will go from rags to riches by prospecting, we can assure you will have some interesting and uplifting time on the gold fields.

We also have other claims further away from Tankavaara, in the complete wilderness. Prospecting on these claims is primarily meant for experienced prospectors who have their own gear and are not afraid of the challenging conditions that the subarctic nature sets. The number of prospectors on these claims is limited and the stays are longer (a minimum of one week). In addition to your own gear, you will need food, a vehicle, time, persistency and a mind of a venturer to make it the most valuable experience of your summer.

If you have any questions regarding the prospecting or would like to do the booking, don’t hesitate to contact us!  

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